How to 5X Your Commissions In Half the Appointments Without Spending A Fortune On Advertising

You're working way too hard for way too little if you're only selling homes to regular homeowners who buy once every seven years on average.

I bet you find yourself thinking "I can't keep up this pace forever. There has got to be a better way!"

You are right! There is...

With our step by step blue print, you can go from:

  • Grinding it out feeling pushy and awkward
  • Bugging your family and friends for referrals
  • Working open houses and spending hours driving indecisive buyers

To turning 1 seller into 5 paychecks without spending a dime or more on marketing.

In 8 Simple Steps You'll Learn:

Build A List

Formula we’ve used to uncover $1,000,000’s in hidden off market gems FAST!

Proven Scripts

The EXACT words you need to effectively approach sellers with confidence

Evaluate Deals In Minutes

Spreadsheet to quickly evaluate deals like a pro (it even does the math for you!)

Present Options To Sellers & Close the Deal

Tools you need to clearly, confidently explain options to sellers so they’re eager to closer the deal!

Marketing Tools

Attract sellers with these proven marketing tools

Find Ideal Investors

Easy ways to find cash buyers dying to do business with you who will buy multiple properties EVERY YEAR!

Millionaire Mindset Secrets

Learn how millionaires think differently so you can break through you money ceiling and FINALLY achieve your dreams!

Productivity & Tracking Tools

Trackers and tools to help keep you on track, organized and moving forward

24/7 Access

Learn on the Go! Get instant access & learn anytime you want, day or night. Spend an hour or a weekend!

11 Modules

Step by Step modules walk you though the all the details like a private tutor. 22 videos in total!

Live Coaching...FOR LIFE!

Monthly live coaching calls FOR LIFE to get support and ask your burning questions (no additional monthly fee!)

Professionally Package Deals for Investors

Learn the language of investors and how to professionally package and present deals so you have credibility, even if your a beginner

This program is jammed pack with the tools you need to succeed!

Here's what clients are saying...

The information and scripts I learned from Thach and Marc gave me the confidence to approach a builder in my area. That conversation turned that 1 seller into 56 LISTINGS.

The best part is that landing these deals was even easier than getting a regular listing. Because most agents don’t know what investors need, there’s less competition, but a much bigger payoff.

Dave Janis

A month ago, when I came to this group and coaching I had limiting beliefs about how hard it is to find deals, especially off market deals. I took the information in the training modules, created a list and started calling on properties.
Now, I am bringing an off market seller to meet with my buyer who wants to buy his property and put 15 townhomes on it.
I really haven't even put much effort in at this point. But my mindset has changed and when you change your mindset things around you change.

Amy Wagner

In the first 30 days of applying this information, I was in negotiations on 3 properties which would add over $200,000 commission to my pipeline by selling properties to 1 investor. Within 3 months after that I sold 2 more properties to the same investor which will give me a combined total of over $300,000 in commissions over the next year.
13 deals….one client!

Grant Weaver

You can get results like this too!

Get the income, lifestyle and balance you crave with way less time and effort!

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